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Caterpillar 426C Loader Backhoe

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Caterpillar 426C 4x4
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Caterpillar 426C 4x4
Caterpillar 426C interior
The Caterpillar 426C loader backhoe was introduced in 1996 in the USA and England as the replacement for the Caterpillar 426B.

[edit] Features

The 426C has a 3054 engine producing 79 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with a center pivot. It is available with single-tilt or parallel lift, and all-wheel or two-wheel steering.

Single-tilt, all-wheel steer units were manufactured in England, with a 1ER serial number prefix, and in the USA, with a 1CR prefix.

Single-tilt, two-wheel steer units were manufactured in England, with a 7WN prefix, and in the USA, with a 6XN prefix.

Parallel lift, all-wheel steer units were manufactured in England, with a 1NR prefix, and in the USA, with a 1MR prefix.

Parallel lift, two-wheel steer units were manufactured in England, with a 1ZR prefix, and in the USA, with a 1YR prefix.

[edit] Modifications

Throughout its history, the Cat 426C has undergone a multitude of modifications.

In 1996 all USA units received an extendable stick with larger inserts for easier adjustments, beginning with 1CR00164, 1MR00254, 1YR00233, and 6XN00285.

In 1997 Caterpillar made cab door rust modifications, beginning with 1ER00165, 1NR00255, 1ZR00227, 7WN00254, 1CR00169, 1MR00275, 1YR00330, and 6XN00637. Valve/stem modifications were made to reduce swing drift, beginning with 1ZR00228, 7WN00276, 1CR00187, 1MR00279, 1YR00350, and 6XN00745. New cab door latches were added, beginning with 1ZR00228, 7WN00279, 1CR00214, 1MR00290, 1YR00403, and 6XN01080. Cat added a new oil fill adaptor for the engine valve cover, beginning with 1ZR00230, 7WN00283, 1CR00215, 1YR00490, and 6XN01126. A couple of units also received modified IT quick coupler lines routing, beginning with 1NR0255, 1MR00297, and 1YR00414.

In 1998 powershift transmission became available, a radiator with tilt away oil cooler was added, and modifications were made to the torque limiter, beginning with 1ER00364, 1NR00454, 1ZR00426, 7WN00439, 1CR00391, 1MR00456, 1YR00517, and 6XN01245. An emission certified engine was added, beginning with 1ER00364, 1NR00454, 1ZR00427, 7WN00444, 1CR00370, 1MR00457, 1YR00584, and 6XN01443. An air suspension seat was added, beginning with 1CR00385, 1MR00463, 1YR00645, and 6XN01645.

In 1999 Cat added ride control, heavy lift boom cycle, pivot on front axle, and increased horsepower to 85 FWHP, beginning with 1CR00864, 1MR00956, and 6XN003616. A windshield washer became standard on all center pivot machines, beginning with 1CR01081, 1MR01170, 1YR02021, and 6XN04499. A dual/split signal network was added, beginning with 1YR02145 and 6XN04857.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 10,000 Caterpillar 426C loader backhoes have been produced.

Highest Serial #
1ZR 00480
7WN 00466
1CR 01082
1MR 00966
1YR 02180
6XN 04938
Total = 10,092