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Fletcher Mining Equipment is a company based in Huntington, West Virginia, specializing in the global manufacture of mining equipment used in the extraction of coal and industrial minerals from underground mines. Products include roof bolters, mobile roof supports, drilling jumbo, scaling machines, diesel mining tractors and horizontal longhole drills.


[edit] History

In 1937 James Herbert Fletcher founded the Fletcher Mining Equipment Co. with his son J. Robert Fletcher. His primary objective was to introduce rubber tires in underground mining applications to reduce the risk to miners carrying out work manually and often under very dangerous conditions. The company’s first product, a rubber-tired tractor and drop bottom conveyor was unveiled at a 1938 trade show in Cincinnati. By 1939 the company developed further products including its first shuttle car and three-wheeled timbering machine.

From 1950 to 1960 the company developed a number of new products. These included the patent on an internal dust collection system, a self-propelling roof bolter, dual head roof bolter, and dual boom face drill. By the early 1960s the company also produced track tampers, a protective operator’s canopy, four-head roof bolters, and a patent on a temporary roof support system for securing underground mine roofs.[1]

James H. Fletcher died on July 21, 1960.

The focus during the 1970s was the continued expansion of the company’s product base with the development of underground drilling equipment including a longhole degasification drill as well as a drilling jumbo. Some of the other underground mining equipment the company produced through the '80s included mobile roof support systems (MRS) designed to offer temporary roof support in coal mining operations, a remote control and operator-up roof bolting machine as well as the roof bolters equipped with a walk-through chassis and the company’s first scaling machine.

Fletcher also experienced success growing its products through the last several decades. In the '90s it introduced its first roof bolter with material-handling capability, a high-reach scaling machine, and a dual drilling jumbo. In 2000 Fletcher Mining Equipment established an Industrial Minerals/Rock Division and continued to expand its product lines to include prime mover tractors and a new ANFO loader.[2]

[edit] The Company Today

On May 25, 2009, the company’s co-founder, J. Robert Fletcher, passed away.

Fletcher Mining Equipment is still run by the Fletcher family. J. Robert Fletcher's son, James Holway Fletcher, served as company CEO from 1962 until 1994. He currently serves as the Vice Chariman for the Board of Directors.

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