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Galion Iron Works was founded in Galion, Ohio, in 1907 by David Charles Boyd. Its initial product line consisted of culvert pipe, which was first produced by the company on July 8, 1907.

The company was later reorganized as Galion Iron Works & Manufacturing Company in 1923. It was acquired by Jeffrey Manufacturing Company in 1929, but continued operating under the moniker Galion Iron Works & Manufacturing Company until 1973, when it was renamed Galion Manufacturing Company. Literature published from December 1968 through February 1974 identifies the firm as a Division of Jeffrey Galion Inc.

Dresser Industries acquired Jeffrey in 1974, and Galion became the Galion Manufacturing Division of Dresser Industries. Dresser acquired the Brazilian licensee of Huber-Warco and made it part of the Galion grader operations under the name HWB Dresser. Literature published in June 1984 uses the Galion-Dresser name, although the Galion name was used on the products.

Dresser entered a 50/50 joint venture with Komatsu Limited in September 1988, for the engineering, manufacture and marketing of construction and mining equipment in North America. The venture was called Komatsu Dresser Company. The date for the venture’s creation has been reported as being 1985.

Dresser sold its construction-related divisions to Indresco, Inc. in August 1992, and the Galion line became the Galion Division, Komatsu-Dresser Company effective July 1993. Komatsu purchased an additional 31% of the venture from Indresco in September 1993, then acquired the remaining 19% interest in September 1994. In 1996 Komatsu Dresser was renamed Komatsu America International Company. The former Galion graders were again marketed under the Galion name from 1992, until the closure of the Galion plant Mar 31, 1999.

Production of the Galion graders and cranes was moved to Komatsu's Chattanooga, TN plant and production continued until 2003.

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