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HERCU J.S.C., founded in 1991, is a forklift manufacturer based out of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Hercu was the first private Bulgarian company to produce forklifts. Hercu is currently led by Ivan Tsinkov, the executive director.[1] The company offers the widest range of forklifts in Eastern Europe.[2]


[edit] The Company Today

Hercu produces 300 forklifts per year, although the company has production capacity for up to 700. Forklifts offered are powered by one of three methods: gas, diesel, or electric. Load capacity varies from 1.4 to 32 tons. Lift heights range from 9.2 feet (2.8m), up to 20 feet (6 m).[3]

Hercu exports most of its machines to capitalize on foreign demand. Its major markets include Russia, Singapore, Italy, Spain, England, America, and Brazil. The company also sells a lot to Bulgaria's neighbouring countries, Turkey, Macedonia, and Romania.[4]

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