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Once an intense capital-based provider of heavy machinery, Ingersoll Rand has transformed into a commercial products manufacturer providing solutions, products and services for various markets.

Ingersoll Rand specializes in three different areas: providing and transporting food and perishable items with preservation as the key goal, securing both homes and commercial properties, as well as providing solutions for and increasing productivity and efficiency of the industrial market.

The company was first incorporated in Hamilton, Bermuda but its headquarters are currently based in Montvale, New Jersey.[1]


[edit] History

[edit] The Establishment of Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand was created by the junction of two companies, the Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co.and the Rand Drill Co., in 1905, but some Ingersoll Rand businesses were founded as early as 1871.

The Ingersoll Rock Drill Co. was formed following the invention of the rock drill by Simon Ingersoll, at the same time Rand and Waring Drill Co & Compressor was formed.Jose F. de Navarro  bought Ingersoll's patent and organized the Ingersoll Rock Drill Co. in 1874. It changed its name to Rand Drill Co. the following year. The company announced its first president, William Saunders, in 1906.

[edit] Product Developments

In 1925, Ingersoll Rand developed a diesel electric locomotive engine, the first of its kind to be sold to the Central Railroad of New Jersey. The company contributed to the construction and completion of Mount Rushmore with jackhammers and drills in 1927. It was awarded with an Army-Navy "E" Award for in 1942 for itswartime efforts.

In 1948, Ingersoll Rand developed the Quarrymaster, which was recognized as the first contemporary self-contained, mobile air-powered rock drill. The drill was used to blast holes of unusually large diameters.

Its contributions include building the fastest rescue drill in the world for the South African Chamber of Mines and building a high-speed centrifugal pump in 1982.

[edit] Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Since its inception the company has acquired many companies and has been successful in business ventures. In 1987, Ingersoll Rand teamed with China in a venture called Xuanhua Pneumatic Machinery Ltd.  Other acquisitions include Clark Equipment Co. (which includes Bobcat, Club Car and Blaw-Knox); Newman Tonks in 1995, a European-based producer of architectural hardware; and Geith International, an equipments attachment manufacturer in Ireland. Ingersoll Rand also acquired the United States distribution rights for Tarmac brand hydraulic breakers in 2005.

In 2007 the company announced two major transaction deals. It was successful in the acquisition of Trane Inc., valued at approximately US$10.1 billion. It sold its Bobcat, Utility Equipment, and Attachments Business units for a price of US$4.9 billion to Doosan Infracore. [2]

[edit] Road Machinery Equipment

Ingersoll Rand has developed an extensive equipment list since its first years of operation, most notably in the last 25 years. The company credits its double drum vibratory compactors as being the best of their kind and, according to the company's website, engages in constant improvements on the product.[3]

Small asphalt compactors are especially effective for compacting hot mix asphalt, granular soils, and crushed aggregate. There are two types to choose from: gasoline or diesel-powered models, both with high frequencies and large capacities for fuel and water.[4]

Ingersoll Rand maintains the large soil compactors as one of the most important processes of construction, insisting that compaction plays a vital part in supporting greater loads for newly built highways, airports, dams, levees; and other building structures.[5]

Ingersoll Rand claims its pavers have the most accurate automation with a selection of screeds unfound anywhere else.[6]

[edit] Projects and Contractors

Steve Fowler of Fowler Contracting (located in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina) purchased an Ingersoll Rand SD-100F during his first year open for business. While he has since upgraded his compactors, he still owns and utilizes Ingersoll Rand's original equipment and insists the role of suppliers and equipment dealers is as significant as the management team.

Fowler Contracting has used many different types of Ingersoll Rand's equipment, which makes use of heavy frames and drum weights. It is said that the design of Ingersoll Rand equipment allows the compactor impact weight to go firmly into the ground, allowing "more consolidation with fewer passes."[7]

Other major contractors of Ingersoll Rand include Reliable Contracting Co. Inc., Pace Construction Co., and Peltz Brothers.[8]

[edit] The Company Today

Currently, Ingersoll Rand is run by chairman, CEO, and president Herbert L. Henkel. Previously president of Textron's Industrial Products segment, Henkel joined Ingersoll- Rand in 2000.[9]

Ingersoll Rand currently employs over 64,000 people and provides its services and products in more than 200 countries.

[edit] Equipment List

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