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Isuzu Motors Ltd. is the manufacturer of more than 20 million diesel engines around the world. Originally a Japanese company, its equipment is applied in both on- and off-road industrial work. Since its establishment in 1936, Isuzu has extended its business focus towards the manufacture of commercial and sport utility vehicles.[1]


[edit] History

Before the founding of Isuzu Motors Ltd., a Japanese company by the name of Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd, was first established in 1893.[2]This was the ancestor company of Isuku, following a shift towards the production of automobiles. In 1922 Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship Building and Engineering produced its first Wolseley, a model A-9.[3]

Isuzu was the first to apply ceramics in its production of internal combustion engines. In 1981 the company ameliorated the prestart warm time of its engines by creating ceramic glow plugs. Isuzu moved on to produce lighter sub-half-gallon (2-L) class engines by modifying the engines' direct-ignition systems.

DMAX Ltd., a joint-venture between Isuzu Motors America Inc. and General Motors initiated in the 1990s, first started producing diesel engines in 2000.[4] In 2003 another joint venture came out of these enterprises and was named GMI Diesel Engineering Ltd., specializing in powertrain systems. By 2004 DMAX Ltd. had produced 500,000 diesel engines.[5]Yet another joint venture, LCV Platform Engineering Corp., was put together by Isuzu and General Motors in 2006. Later that year, Isuzu signed a basic agreement with Toyota to work together on small diesel engine improvement.[6]

Other developments made by Isuzu for its diesel engines over the years include designs that help minimize emissions yet maximize combustion, such as swirl-type combustion technology for optional air-fuel mixing.[7]

[edit] The Company Today

The PowerTrain Division of Isuzu Motors in the United States has its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. The company still manufactures more than 30 different engine models with power ranges that surpass 300 horsepower.[8] Isuzu maintains more than 300 authorized service dealers in North America alone and continues to expand its distributor network around the world.

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