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B.R. Lee Industries, producer of the LeeBoy brand, has been a designer and manufacturer of paving and grading equipment for over four decades.[1] In addition to commercial asphalt pavers, the company offers a product line including motor graders, pneumatic and drum rollers, asphalt maintainers, tack distributors, asphalt rakes and other tools, and the recently acquired Force Feed Loader. The company is said to be the “number one original equipment manufacturer in the U.S. by unit volume for commercial class asphalt pavers and brooms.”[2]


[edit] History

[edit] The Beginning of B.R. Lee Industries

B.R. Lee Industries (LeeBoy) was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1964. The company’s founder, B.R. Lee, aimed to manufacture paving and grading products. Originally a producer of pull-type pavers, the company evolved its product line with the development of its first self-propelled tilt-hopper LeeBoy paver in 1970.

[edit] Patents and New Developments

Following the development of its self-propelled paver, the company received patents in the 1970s for a tilt hopper lift, hydraulic extensions, and cut-off gates. By the 1980s, LeeBoy had begun to include rollers, graders, asphalt maintainers, and trailer mounted asphalt distributors to its product line. In 1990, LeeBoy developed its 8500 paver series, which included the Legend Screed System. Seven years later, the company produced the first LeeBoy Force Feed Loader to compete with the Athey model.[3]

[edit] LeeBoy’s Expansion

In 2000, B.R. Lee Industries acquired the majority of LeeBoy. The company continued to expand in 2001 with the purchase of the Athey Force Feed Loader business, in addition to Rosco road maintenance products. With these acquisitions, LeeBoy broadened its product line considerably.[4] The same year, the company began to rent specialized road maintenance equipment to contractors and government agencies through LeeBoy Rents. In 2003, Rosco was relocated to Denver, North Carolina; Rosco and LeeBoy products were now manufactured in the same facility. As the company continued to grow, a larger facility was required. In 2006, LeeBoy’s headquarters were relocated to a 219,000-square foot (20,345-m2) building in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Following this relocation, LeeBoy was acquired by Vision Technologies Systems Inc., a company based in Alexandria, Virginia.

[edit] The Company Today

LeeBoy is now known as VT LeeBoy, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies, Inc. The company continues to be a developer of road construction and maintenance equipment,[5] with a product line comprised of over 65 models of LeeBoy and Rosco machines available in all across Canada and the United States.

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[edit] References

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