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Perkins Engines Co. Ltd. designs and manufactures diesel engines and power solutions. Its machines fit into the four- to 2,000-kilowatt and five to 2,600 horsepower market, and are used by North American and international manufacturers.[1]


[edit] History

Frank Perkins built his first engine, the four-cylinder Vixen, in 1932.[2] By the end of Perkins Engines' first year, it had linked itself with a major manufacturer named Commer Cars and had produced 35 engines. In 1936 Perkins joined the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and began producing more than 550 engines per year.[3]

New designs were coming out for models like the P4 and P6 under the supervision of technical director Charles Chapman. Those engines were in production by the following year, and their designs are considered the forerunners to some of Perkins’ top engines today. [4] Within a decade, 12,000 engines were produced for application in the marine industry. The company was producing an average of 400 engines every month in 1946.[5]

In 1947 Frank Perkins posted a sign reading "Where there is no vision, the people perish" in the company’s new office. That same year, the company expanded beyond its regular family business operations and opened a plant in Eastfield, United Kingdom.[6] By 1953 its reach was well beyond the U.K., as some of its licensees were sourcing in Asia and Latin America.

The company was acquired in 1959 by Massey-Ferguson, its largest customer at the time. Soon after, Frank Perkins retired from his management role.[7] The following year, the high-selling 6.354 model diesel engine hit the line and the production total neared the two-million mark. In 1964 and 1965 the 4.236 and V8.510 engines were released respectively. Perkins had its record year in 1969 with a production total of 350,000 units for use around the world.[8]

By 1984 Perkins had acquired Rolls Royce Diesel International, which soon became Perkins Engines (Shrewsbury) Ltd., and was producing over 500,000 engines annually. The following year saw the manufacture of the company’s 10-millionth engine, and the executives proceeded to develop new models with truly high-speed direct injection.[9] It also acquired Dorman Diesels, later called Perkins Engines (Stafford) Ltd. The old Dorman designs inspired Perkins’ 4000 series engines. In 1998 Perkins was acquired by Caterpillar Inc for US$1.3 billion, and the combination made for the largest international diesel engine manufacturer.[10]

[edit] The Company Today

Today, Perkins’ engines are applied by over a thousand different equipment manufacturers worldwide in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural and other industries.[11] Its focus is moving towards the production of quieter engines with lower emissions that still provide the necessary level of power and fuel efficiency.

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