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Tadano Ltd., is the parent company of Tadano Group. Headquartered in Kagawa, Japan, Tadano is best-known world wide as a manufacturer of hydraulic truck cranes. Its product line encompasses all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck loader cranes, and cargo cranes sold through its Construction Division. The company’s cranes were used to erect and restore the famous Moai statues on Easter Island to their proper upright positions.

Tadano also manufacturers crane related equipment such as self-loaders and aerial platforms. Pneumatic equipment and automobile parts are also sold under its Pneumatic Equipment Division.

The corporate value of Tadano is one that reflects the creation of “products of value in terms of social significance” [1] Since 1948 Tadano has focused expansion of its operations by branching off into new spheres of business and now operates 25 subsidiaries and five affiliate companies around the world in conjunction with the 40 regional sales offices it has within Japan.[2]


[edit] History

The history of Tadano Ltd. parallels the development of the hydraulic crane in Japan. Founded in 1919 by Masuo Tadano, the company began as a steel fabrication business located in Takamatsu City, Japan. In 1948 the company officially assumed the name Tadano Ltd. and established its first plant for manufacturing cargo-handling equipment. The first piece of equipment for which Tadano received a patent was a railroad track maintenance machine produced for the Japanese National Railway in 1950. By 1954 Tadano had incorporated the manufacturing of hydraulic industrial machines into its business.

[edit] Rising to New Heights

In 1955 Tadano introduced the first rough terrain crane to the Japanese market. The OC-2 had a two-ton lifting capacity.[3] It sparked a rapid succession of new product development well into the next decade. In 1963, for example, Tadano introduced its TM series of truck loader cranes. This was followed by the launch of its TS series of truck cranes mounted on conventional trucks and its TL series of truck cranes mounted on specially designed carriers in 1966.Tadano also eventually reached two other significant milestones its is crane manufacturing business when it produced Japan’s very first hydraulic rough terrain crane, the TR-150 (15-ton lifting capacity) in 1970 and its AR series of all terrain cranes in 1992.[4]

[edit] Heavy Lifters

In 1990 Tadano produced its TG-3600M series truck cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 360 tons. By 1990 Tadano had also developed Japan’s heaviest all terrain crane, the AR-5500M. The AR-5500M crane boasted an impressive lifting capacity of 550 tons.[5]

[edit] A Path to Global Growth

Over the years, Tadano made significant steps to expand its business outside Japan. The company increased its presence when it decided to trade and list its stock on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges in 1973. This move quickly precipitated the company to establish its first overseas subsidiary, Tadano International (Europe) B.V., in the Netherlands in 1973.

Another strategic move was made in 1990 when Tadano acquired both the crane and vehicle divisions of the German-based company FAUN AG and recreated the new wholly-owned subsidiary FAUN GmbH. It also established a separate Sales and Marketing Division under the name Tadano FAUN Gmbh. Further expansion was realized with the establishment of Tadano FAUN Holland B.V. in the Netherlands in 1992 and the Tadano American Corp. in the USA in 1993.

Tadano penetrated the Chinese market in 2003 with the establishment of BQ-TADANO (BEIJING) CRANE Co. Ltd., China's first joint company for the manufacture of truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, and aerial platforms. In the same year it also opened an overseas office in Dubai to service the Middle East.[6]

[edit] The Company Today

Under the leadership of CEO Koichi Tadano, Tadano Ltd. today is a corporation with an international presence, with overseas offices in Beijing and the Middle East and affiliate subsidiaries located in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Korea, China, Singapore, and Taiwan. It also operates three production plants in Japan. According to Tadano’s official website, it employs 1,220 people (as of March 2008) and in an annual report, announced net sales of US$1,266,212 thousand as of the end of 2007.[7]

In January 2009 Tadano acquired SpanDeck Inc., the American manufacturer of Mantis brand crawler cranes, for US$37.5 million. The takeover fell in line with Tadano’s plans to expand its domain in the lifting equipment business.[8]

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