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The San Francisco Forty Niners Win The Game.

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San Francisco Forty Niners First Quarter Drama. The first quater was dramatic for the San Francisco Forty Niners because on the very first play of the game, the throw of Colin Kaepernick was intercepted and Shields run 52 yards for a touchdown. What a disappointing start for the Forty Niners. The Greenbay Packers scored first 7 - 0. It scared us all to see that interception, but not Colin. After that bad interception, they went on to score a touch down to even the score at 7. Colin actually run the ball 20 yards for the first touchdown. That touchdown showed how good Colin was because during that play, he could not pass the ball to anyone because of the tight defense of the Packers. Then he saw an opening and started to run with the ball to the end zone and made the touch down. Wow what a play. Then the Packers scored another touchdown and was leading 14 to 7 at the end of the first quarter. San Francisco Forty Niners Second Quarter Dominance. At the start of the second quarter, the Forty Niners had 3 plays and Colin threw a 12 yard pass to Michael Crabtree for another touchdown to even the score at 14. The Greenbay Packers failed to score during their ball possession, but not the Forty Niners. Again it was Michael Crabtree who made another touchdown from a 20 yard pass from Colin Kaepernick. For the first time the Forty Niners led 21 to 14. But not for long as the persistent Packers scored another touchdown by J. Jones from a 20 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback. Score tied at 21. Before the end of the second quarter, Dave Aker scored a field goal kick of 36 yards to lead the Forty Niners 24 to 21. End of the first half of the game. During the third quarter, the Greenbay Packers scored 3 points in a field goal by M. Crosby to tie the game at 24 all. What a close fight. It's a good thing that Colin Kaepernick saw an opportunity to run the ball for 56 yards to a touch down. Wow what a run. that was more than half of the field. And because of that he created a new record for a quarterback to run for a touchdown. The Forty Niners led again 31 to 24. End of the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, the San Francisco Forty Niners scored 2 more touchdowns to 1 of the Greenbay Packers. and the final score was 45 to 31. One down two more wins for the super bowl. During Sundays playoffs game the Atlanta Falcons won over the Seattle Seahawks. And so the San Francisco Forty Niners will go to Atlanta to beat the Falcons at their home turf. But on Sunday's game I will be in Austin Texas to attend the Empower Network event. Here I will be joined by almost 4,000 people to create wealth on the internet. It will be a great event as more and more people are joining the Empower Network Movement. Click here < to know more about this event and be a part of the Empower Network Movement.